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Welcome to the UA GOP website! This was created to provide information on Republican candidates and issues that affect our community. Now you've found us – please tell your friends, regardless of their political affiliation – we encourage all open minded persons to visit our site, for unbiased information on the issues important to UA and beyond. We work hard to keep you informed and welcome any submissions you would like to have posted.

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  • What does UA GOP stand for?
  • Fiscal Responsibility & Lower Taxes
  • Smaller Government
  • Promotion and Support of Business and the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Accountability and transparency in government
  • Ensuring our children’s futures by being responsible Today
  • Protecting our Environment and Promoting “Green” causes when appropriate

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Advocates for Upper Arlington
Advocates for Upper...
Ohio home painted with anti-Obama graffiti
UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio (AP) — A brick wall on an Ohio home has been defaced with the message "Death...
Draw The Line
Governor Strickland should lead the effort to defeat proposed sick day mandate Gov. Ted...
The Obama Tax Hike - The Reality
Learn what the Obama Tax Hike means to Middle Americans
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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Meeting with Ohio Auditor Dave Yost

5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
1114 Riverside Dr, 43215
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